October 2014 Minutes

OCTOBER 2, 2014

PRESENT: Officers – Steve Holzer, Ed Albrecht, Joy Gelb, Karmen Brower.
Directors – Richard Woolard, John Wilby, Emma Wilby, Rita Gever, Brett Gever, Katie Whitman, Jennifer Bercy, Keith Zajic.
Honored Guests – Mayor Pro Tem Lucy Martin, LVMWD Director Lee Renger, Candidate Michael Wilk, Cathie Mattson, Rod Rose, Valerie Rose, Don Cohen, Allan Roseman, Jack Hendershot, Dennis Washburn.

  1. Call to order at 7 PM
  2. Self-introductions. Approval of the minutes was moved by Jennifer Bercy, seconded by Joy Gelb, and approved unanimously.
  3. Officer Reports –
    1. President – None
    2. Vice President – There are many senior classes now, as well as many programs.
    3. Treasurer – The bank balances were reported. We still have 43 paid members. The treasurer’s report was accepted without objections.
    4. Secretary – None
  4. City Council Report per Lucy Martin. The flu shot clinic was a success with over 800 residents served.
    The Pumpkin Festival needs volunteers. The Nov. 9th 5K classic is on schedule.
    Next Wednesday is busy with the ribbon cutting for the smart controller for city landscaping watering and the annual walk to school. Finally, the next council meeting is also scheduled.
    Bulk pick up day is October 25th so call by October 24th for an appointment.
    E-mail Lucy about how many Neighborhood Watch signs are needed.
    The Senior Center is on track with decisions on size and parking being made.
    Brett Gever has a part in Pierce College’s production of Cabaret.
    The Park and Recreations Commission had a tour of the parks, and there will be a discussion on Wild Walnut.
  1. Speakers – Candidate Michael Wilk spoke about his concerns about the LVMWD.
    1. Michael Wilk is an attorney and CPA with 31 years of experience. He’s running for the water board because he’s frustrated about what he sees as a failure of the current board to be appropriately concerned about the cost of current and future projects.
      He’ concerned that the cost of the water tank has gone from $600,000 to $6,000,000 to over $13,000,000 with no apparent concern over why, who made the original low estimates, and without the directors’ evidencing interest in finding out why before voting.
      The board has also identified an additional $60,000,000 in projects over the next four years with no concern for how they’re going to be paid for much less their impact on ratepayers.
      Mr. Wilk believes that conservation projects should be pushed more strongly by the district in order to reduce costs to ratepayers.
      Mr. Wilk also questioned why the district meets at 5 PM rather than 7 PM when more people would be home from work, and able to attend meetings.
    2. Lee Renger is the incumbent says that the district has been farsighted, and sees no reason for the board to change its policies. He’s been on the board for 9 years.
      The tank is for fire control purposes, and the only other option is to install a new reservoir, but there are only a couple of places that could be done, and it would have been more expensive than the $6,000,000 tank. In the event the metropolitan water district stopped delivering water, the tanks would be our only source of water for firefighting and drinking in the event of an emergency.
      He also is in favor of a major change in the method of calculating water usage which will result in rewarding those who utilize major conservation measures, and punish those who don’t.
      Districts may have to distribute re-claimed water.
  1. Realtor Report – Aaron Scott reported that prices are falling off, and the time on the market is increasing. FHA and VA rates are very high, as are loan origination points.
  2. Commission Reports
    1. Parks and Recreation – Jennifer Bercy reports that the Pumpkin Festival is coming on October 31. The 10K run is on November 9th. The winter brochure is coming in November.
    2. Public Safety – Richard Woolard reports that the flu clinic was very successful.
  3. New Business – Speakers. The prime mover for neighborhood watch is confirmed for November’s meeting, and Mayor Shapiro will be asked to come to December’s meeting.
  4. Old Business – Officer Election. Richard Woolard and Katie Whitman proposed:
    1. Ed Albrecht for President
    2. Jennifer Bercy for Vice-President
    3. Joy Gelb for Treasurer
    4. Karmen Brower for Secretary.

      The terms run from January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015.
      The slate was elected by acclimation.

  5. Public Comment
    1. Lucy Martin announced that CPHA is having a forum for congressional, Board of Supervisors, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District.
    2. Steve announced that the League of Women Voters has a simple explanation of each ballot proposition on its website, and will have a discussion of them at Founders Hall on October 22.
  6. Adjournment at 8:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Karmen Brower, Secretary

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