October 2013 Minutes

OCTOBER 3, 2013

PRESENT:  Officers – Steve Holzer, Bob Fine, Joy Gelb, Karmen Brower.
Directors: Richard Woolard, Katie Whitman, Betty Bross, Edward Albrecht, Emma Wilby, John Wilby, Rita Gever, Brett Gever. Jennifer Bercy, Liat Samouhi, and Keith Zajic are excused.
City Councilmembers:  Lucy Martin

  1. Call to order at 7:10 PM
  2. Self-introductions and approval of August minutes with amendments moved by Richard Woolard, seconded by Brett Gever.  Motion passed unopposed.
  3. City Council Reports:  Lucy Martin reported the city won an “America in Bloom” award for the colorful blooms and other landscaping in our city although it is the first time the city competed.  The Mayor of Dublin, Ireland, presented the city with 2 paintings done by a local Calabasas artist, as well as a rock from Ireland when he visited recently.
    Mrs. Martin also reported that the city received a delegation of city officials from Japan.  They discussed how they obtained their offices (sponsored by businesses or other organizations, and funded by various businesses), and most of their “salaries” go to gifts for newlyweds, and other citizen activities.
  4. Officer Reports
    1. President – The next meeting will have election of officers.
    2. Vice-President – no report
    3. Treasurer – Financial report acceptance was moved by Ed Albrecht, seconded by Katie Whitman, and passed unopposed.
    4. Secretary Report – School Board Member election is on November 5, so don’t forget to vote.
  5. Membership
    1. Liat Samouhi will provide a comprehensive report next meeting.
    2. The Savvy Senior group really liked our newsletter’s article on the senior center.
  6. Commission Reports
    1. Environmental – Lucy Martin reported the commission is pressing for rodenticides to be removed from store shelves because the victims that are then eaten by larger animals cause the deaths of many of those larger animals.
      Coloring contest entries are due on November 1st.
      Electric stations as a city project were discussed, but dismissed as a viable option at this time.
    2. Parks and Recreation – no report
    3. Public Safety – Richard Woolard announced October 12 as Flu Clinic day at Founders Hall.  It’s a walk-in.
      Bulk Pick-up is October 26th.  Call Waste Management for an appointment.
      October 16th is Emergency Preparation meeting at A. C. Stelle at 7-8 PM.
      Some areas are experiencing difficulties because homeowners are using their homes for overnight visitors as if a Bed and Breakfast but unpermitted.
      The Solicitation Ordinance was changed by the council such that one can post a “No Solicitors” sign on one’s property.  Call the Sheriff to have solicitors who ignore one’s sign to be cited and removed.
      The CHP is using Fast Force to keep on top of motorcycles on the freeway.
  7. New Business – none
  8. Old Business
    1. LVMWD/EPA lawsuit is continuing apace according to Steve Holzer.
    2. Richard Woolard provided forms for prospective officer candidates to fill out, and stated that the November meeting would be candidate election.
  9. Public Comment
    1. Lucy Martin announced November 17th is the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Las Virgenes/Ahmanson Park creation.
  10. Adjournment at 9:01 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Karmen Brower, Secretary

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