November 2014 Minutes

NOVEMBER 6, 2014

PRESENT: Officers – Steve Holzer, Ed Albrecht, Joy Gelb, Karmen Brower
Directors –Rita Gever, Brett Gever, Richard Woolard, Aaron Scott, Jennifer Bercy, Katie Whitman, Keith Zajic, Emma Wilby
Honored Guests – Councilperson Fred Gaines, Mayor Pro Tem Lucy Martin, Marissa Feinstein, Karl Zentner, Betsy Zentner

  1. The call to order was at 7:07 PM
  2. Self-introductions occurred. Minutes as corrected were moved by Keith Zajic, seconded by Jennifer Bercy, and passed unopposed.
  3. Guest Speaker – Marissa Feinstein, a Mulwood resident and attorney, has led the effort to establish a neighborhood watch.
    She held a meeting on October 19 at the Tennis and Swim Center with 150 people in attendance. Rosters were created resulting in both telephone and e-mail trees with those number at 300 and growing. Many volunteered to be block captains with at least 15 block meetings already held.
    According to the Sheriff, night knocks should not be answered except with the door closed.
    Sheriff’s number is 818-878-1808, and they’ll respond to your call even if it turns out to be no threat.
    Mayor Pro Tem Lucy Martin also reported that 15 signs have been ordered for approved locations. Councilmember Gaines reported Calabasas is the 13th safest city in the state with about 40 crimes per year which are property crimes, primarily involving unlocked doors and/or no alarm.
    Marissa has been a great organizer.
  4. Officer Reports
    1. President – In an effort to bolster our presence in the community, Steve Holzer requests concurrence of the directors for Aaron Scott to put up a Facebook page. In furtherance of that, Aaron Scott and/or Ed Albrecht are authorized by the directors to spend up to $100. There was no opposition.
      Mayor David Shapiro is confirmed as our December speaker.
      We will try to get Jay Lewitt from LVMWD to speak in January as water is a hot issue with mandatory restrictions starting.
      On board member will provide information on possible speakers each month with Aaron Scott reporting in December, and Keith Zajic in January.
    2. Vice-President – Ed Albrecht reported that he’s in the market for ideas to increase our presence in the community, and expand our membership.
    3. Treasurer – Joy Gelb reported on our bank accounts. Her report acceptance was moved by Richard Woolard, and seconded by Jennifer Bercy, and passed without opposition.
    4. Secretary – no report.
  5. Council Member Reports
    1. Mayor Pro Tem Martin reports Wolf Creek market/restaurant is closed. The new deli in the old Red Robin building is due to open on November 24th. The next council meeting will honor Zev Yaroslavsky. The water district is prohibiting Sunday watering, and offering incentives for water conservation. Smart gardening will be the feature at Saturday, 8-11AM at Gates Canyon Park.
      February 4th is the state of the city.
      Those who will be 18 during 2015 can register to vote so long as the registration is within 10 days of the election, and the person is/will be 18 by that time.
    2. Councilmember Gaines reports that the council will review on the city’s resident notice policies. All commissions were asked to review all methods of notice to residents. There will also be reviews of Quimby fees and wildlife corridors.
      Private security will be at Friday’s homecoming, and the football team will be playing for the league championship.
      The bench memorial for the bicycle fatality will be located.
  6. Realtor Report – Aaron Scott reports there are 13 active listing with 3 or 4 in escrow. “Perfect” properties are selling at or near list while the less than “perfect” ones are struggling. Buyers are concerned about further upside in values.
  7. Commission Reports
    1. Public Safety – Richard Woolard reports that children are having part because they simply don’t have enough to do. Parents need to be educated about providing children proper supervision and activities. The neighborhood watch program is also helpful in keeping children from mischief.
      There are workshops in public safety on October27th with LVUSD Superintendent at Agoura High.
    2. Parks, Recreation, and Education – Jennifer Bercy reports that the community center’s Halloween trick or treat party was a great success, and lots of fun.
      November 9 is the Calabasas Classic 5K and 10K run over the sanctioned course. Registration is at 6:30 AM.
      Teen Court is on the 3rd Thursday of the month.
      Art Fair registration is available through February.
      Creekside Park/Pre-school is on track to be 90% self-sustaining. It should be open on weekends from 9 AM to 5 PM.
  8. New Business – Katie Whitman and Ed Albrecht are endeavoring to contact Gelsons for 2015 dates for our room reservations.
  9. Old Business – Spotlight on Directors – Jennifer Bercy
    Jennifer Bercy came to Mulwood in 2003. Her children are now 21 and 22. She’s been active at PFC’s at all levels, as well as acting as the current chair of Parks, Recreation, and Education Commission. She’s also been the vice president of the Las Virgenes Educational Foundation since 2009. Her educational activities should be no surprise as her original professional credentials are as an Education Specialist.
    The Las Virgenes Education Foundation offers programs and services running summer schools here, as well as other parts of the state.
    Her current business is running a “hard money” loan company. As such she places investor money earning 9-11% returns. She’s always looking for additional investors.
    One of her greatest loves is the American Cancer Society for which she’s volunteered for many years. She coordinates 130 events during the year for the charity, an endeavor that consumes many hours and much creativity and effort.
  10. Public Comment – Rita Giver reports that subscription forms for Pierce College performances have been extended to all people who want to audition. One does not have to be a Pierce student.
  11. Adjournment was at 8:50 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Karmen Brower, Secretary

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