May 2016 Minutes

MAY 5, 2016

PRESENT:  Ed Albrecht, Joy Gelb, Jennifer Bercy.   Excused – Karmen Brower
Directors:  Emma Wilby, Rhett Gever, Rita Gever, Richard Cassel, Stephen Holzer, Jack Hendershot, Richard Woolard, Aaron Scott, Keith Zajic.
Honored Guests:  Councilmember Fred Gaines, Mayor James Bozajian, Brenden Norton, Achsah Foraivi, Tina Doctors, Jerry Doctors

  1. 7:05 meeting called to order by Ed Albrecht
  2. Approved minutes and agenda
  3. Mayor Bozajian:
    Fine art festival was April 30/May 1
    May 3rd special city council meeting
    May 25 another special city council meeting
    May 21st Leonis Adobe celebration anniversary
    May 21st – THE Event at civic center plaza
    June 7 – CA Primary
    June 8 – city council meeting
    June 22 – city council meeting
    Mulholland Hwy ribbon cutting ceremony sometime next month
    August 23-24 Savvy senior pageant of the masters overnight trip
    April 30th Arbor Day
    Las Virgenes restoration creek ribbon cutting is done
    July 4th festivities: CPHA fun run, pet show at Lakeside, Tennis center splash part is free, Fireworks at the HS
    April 5th was the 25th anniversary of the city and mayors luncheon at the country club
    June 24-26 will be a weekend of festivities for the anniversary: Trolley tours around the city, food drive, library event, concert at the lake with cake, book signing and Memorabilia
    June 25th senior center will open with ribbon cutting
    Wine tasting for the chamber June 17th at city hall
    City hall has the chamber maps
    Fred Gaines talked about the connect with Calabasas App
    Ed brought up the turn-out of Gelsons and how the street quickly becomes 1 lane. He asked for more reflectors on the curb. James asked us for a list of items that were not done/not done right for the project from the HOA point of view to submit as a collective list
  4. Officer Reports
    1. President’s report
      • Effort to do a newsletter 2 times a year to bring up membership and advertising
      • Developing advertising policy to defray the cost of the newsletter
      • Types of articles we can write
      • Clean up of the median @ Mulholland by El Camino shopping center. Fred, Ed and LA city meeting the next week
      • “Ring” front door system – polling other HOA’s and may be able to get a bulk discount with Best Buy
    2. Secretary Report – Ed read Karmen’s letter
    3. Treasurer’s Report – Approx. 29K in bank
    4. VP Report – American Cancer Society Relay For Life Calabasas to be held May 14-15 at AE Wright MS. Everyone welcome. Food trucks, luminaria ceremony, games and bands
  5. Realtor Report – Per Aaron Scott
    1. Not a lot of inventory on market
    2. Prices increasing for lack of inventory
    3. 5 houses closed last month, usually 8-10, now 3-4
    4. 625K is jumbo loan
  6. New Business
    1. Jack Hendershot asked to bring speed study up to the city
    2. It was suggested the round-a-bout could use more of a sheriff presence
    3. Rita asked about Benches where the shuttle stop is on the West side of Mulholland.
    4. Fred to ask Robert Yalda about that. Believes they are scheduled, but not yet installed.
    5. Welcome Committee to greet people new to the neighborhood. Aaron Scott said he is already doing something himself.
  7. Old Business
    1. Flood Insurance – This area may be incorrectly mapped. Richard Cassel to bring more info to the next meeting.  Fred Gaines suggested talking with Robert Yalda about this and how to work with FEMA to make change.
  8. Public Comment
    1. Jerry and Tina Doctors – gave information about possible monument for Mulwood. Possible location is Topanga and Valmar and where bench is at Paul Revere and Mulholland.
    2. Fred Gaines said you would have to ID plaque(s), contact property owners, and fund it.
    3. Alternate suggestion to put it by Shell station.
    4. Fred Gaines: Meeting Monday with Bob Blumenfield to discuss Mulholland and Valmar
      Our HOA might want to have a discussion about Valmar beatification now that Mulholland is done. Landscape Median? Welcome rock?
    5. Emma reports the property between San Feliciano and Mulholland is moving forward to the Land Use committee for the neighborhood council
      Some owners will exit Mulholland and some San Feliciano from project
      Lots of trees will be cut
      19 homes
      Fred made a suggestion as part of the development to widen the it turn onto Mulholland from Topanga South
  9. Meeting adjourned 8:36 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Bercy, Vice President

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