May 2015 Minutes

MAY 7, 2015

Officers: Ed Albrecht, Jennifer Bercy, Joy Gelb, and Karmen Brower
Directors: Keith Zajic, Richard Woolard, Emma Wilby, Katie Whitman.
Excused: Brett Gever, Rita Giver, Aaron Scott
Honored Guests: Richard Cassel, Allan Rosman, Jack Hendershot, Bill Waldman, Ana Liper, Betty Bross, Dave Bross, Sami Haddad
City Councilmembers: Mayor Lucy Martin, Councilmember Fred Gaines

  1. Call to order was at 7:10 PM.
  2. Self-introductions were followed by approval of minutes as corrected.
  3. Guest Speaker: Lucy Martin, Mayor. She thanked all who came to the council re-organization and reception, and invited everyone to the Chamber of Commerce Mayor’s luncheon on May 21st.
    She reported on the Mulholland Highway project that’s going forward immediately after school is out, as well as the park and ride lot in Old Town being created to provide free parking.
    Annexation of the property on the west side is progressing as negotiations take place between the city and county about the split of taxes generated by the businesses occupying the buildings on the to be annexed properties.
    Water restrictions were discussed as the LVMWD has further reduced watering to 2 days per week from 3. The city is required to comply, and has reduced use of potable water, and is further restricting all water use.
    The Special Olympics torch will be lit and carried on July 17th.
    Open space regulations extension will be on the ballot in November’s election so that the sunset provisions of the previous measure can be removed.
    There is a survey on the city’s website about Wild Walnut Park which residents should complete.
    The council will discuss the story pole policy which is being reviewed for changes.
    The 2 hotel projects are going forward via commissions, and comments should be made immediately.
    Councilmember Gaines reported that parking meters and consequent violations around the city are relatively rare. There will be a number of parking spaces around city hall with a two hour limit providing more parking in conjunction with the new senior center.
    There will be a new budget proposed and voted on early in July.
    Additional funds are needed for Special Olympics, as well as volunteers, so please donate whatever and however you can.
  4. Spotlight on Business features Sami Haddad of the Shell station on Mulholland Highway. He’s been at the station since 1980. His is one of the few stations that maintain a full repair service for his customers, as well as providing almost immediate response to help calls from his regular customers who need tire repairs, battery service, etc. He prides himself on providing service that’s not only prompt, but of consistently excellent quality.
    He’s become a neighborhood fixture upon whom many depend.
  5. Officer Reports
    1. President – Conversations are going on with Calabasas Country Club about the possibility of a 9-hole golf tournament sponsored by GMHA with proceeds to go to a local charity. A new location for the banner has been found which is hoped to offer better visibility.
    2. Vice-President – Jennifer is working on increasing membership. Mailchimp is our new monthly notification system which supplants Constant Contact.
    3. Treasurer – Joy reported on the bank accounts. We have 2 additional paid memberships this month. Report acceptance was moved by Emma Wilby, seconded by Keith Zajic, and approved unanimously.
    4. Secretary – We’re going forward with our plans for forums, but there may be a conflict with the school board meeting and ours. We need to check on the deadline dates for filing. We’ll send out “save the date” postcards plus, as Jennifer has suggested, have teenagers deliver flyers before each event.
  6. Commission Reports
    1. Parks, Recreation, and Education (PRE) – Jennifer reports that the Relay for Life fielded 30 teams, and intends to raise $130,000. The July 4th celebration will have the pet show, 10K run, and fireworks. The new brochure should be out soon.
    2. Public Safety – Richard reports that the Preparedness event is postponed so that the Chamber of Commerce can be involved, and more will be decided by next month. This will, it’s hoped, provide a broader base of participation.
  7. Realtor Report – Aaron is absent, but has provided the monthly report to be handed out.
  8. New Business
    1. The fountain on the corner is presently inoperative, and would be costly to repair according to the owner. In light of new water conservation regulations, use of it might be prohibited in any event.
    2. A book to be purchased in honor of Fred Gaines’ late father will be something about fishing which was his hobby.
    3. There will be discussions with our website master about automatic renewal of memberships through PayPal.
  9. Old Business – none
  10. Public Comment – none
  11. Adjournment at 8:54 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Karmen Brower, Secretary

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