May 2013 Minutes

MAY 2, 2013

Present:  Officers – Steve Holzer, Bob Fine, Joy Gelb, Karmen Brower
Directors – Jacqueline Souza, Betty Bross, Brett Gever, Katie Whitman, Emma Wilby, John Wilby, Keith Zajic, Carol Davis, Liat Samouhi, Jennifer Bercy, Edward Albrecht, Rita Gever
Excused – Alan Ross
Honored Guests – Lucy Martin

  1. Call to order at 7:12PM
  2. Self-introductions and approval of agenda without objection
  3. City Council Report – Councilwoman Lucy Martin expressed her thanks to those who supported her at the council reorganization meeting.  Dodger Night is June 4.
    Neighborhood Watch signs will be removed by the city upon request, but homeowners will have to replace any as desired.  School zones mean that AT ANY TIME children are present AT SCHOOL the school zone speed limits apply.  Let her know of any address curb signs that need replacement.
  4. Approval of March minutes – Keith Zajic moved, Betty Bross seconded his motion to remove all but the first sentence of the item in question.  Motion was approved without objection.
  5. Officer Reports
    1. President – Law Day at city hall was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and the city was quite successful, and may become an annual event.
      Imposition of the water fee for each property parcel has been deferred by the Board of Supervisors.
      A “congestion mitigation fee” on all new construction has been imposed which is $2,000 on each residential unit, and a per square foot fee on all commercial units by the MTA.
      An assembly member has proposed all schools be required to accommodate gender identity different children.
      Heal the Bay and the LVMWD disagree on the ability and cost required to implement the standards for cleaning the water draining into the ocean.  Perhaps someone from both sides should be invited to our meeting.
    2. Vice President – no report
    3. Treasurer – We now have 43 members.  Our bank accounts balances were indicated.  People like the written newsletter.  The PayPal account needs to be discussed with Robbie Diggs, our webmaster.
      Acceptance of the treasurer’s report was moved by Jacqueline Souza, and seconded by Bob Fine, and agreed to without objection.
    4. Secretary – no report.
  6. Public Safety Report – Richard Woolard said the PS Commission is reviewing the solicitation ordinance.  The matter of is more complex than first thought since there are various groups such as school and scouting organizations that people want to be able to solicit residents, but others not.  How to create an ordinance that works is difficult.
    Currently a discrete sign saying “no solicitors” works with all jurisdictions.  Richard will report further as to what is ultimately decided upon.
  7. Commission Reports
    1. Jennifer Bercy reported the Art Festival is May 4 and 5th, May 18 is the Relay for Life at AE Wright, and many new summer activities are coming.
    2. Liat Samouhi reported that Earth Day put on by the Environmental Commission was very successful with the staff doing an excellent job.
      The Carl Gibbs Award was given to a teacher at Chaparral.
  8. Old Business
    1. Liat Samouhi reports residents really want to see the paper newsletter.  She and Ed Albrecht are going to meet to discuss various approaches to increasing membership.
    2. Newsletter – Karmen Brower reported that several articles are still outstanding, and as soon as they’re provided the newsletter will be laid out, and put on the website.  Postcards are to be sent directing residents to the website.
  9. Proposed Calabasas Reality TV show is not going to happen at the Oaks because the C.C.& R.’s do not permit such things.
  10. Public Comment
    1. Carol Davis announced meetings on June 17 and 27 to discuss needs and wants in a new senior center.
    2. Liat Samouhi stated she’s uncomfortable changing the minutes since everyone agreed that the minutes as originally proposed were accurate.
  11. New Business
    1. Lucy Martin announced the fireworks will be at Calabasas High graduation on June 13 lasting 2 minutes at 8 PM.
    2. Rita Gever announced a new program called Fitness Slow Burn at the Tennis and Swim Center.
  12. Adjournment was at 9:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Karmen Brower, Secretary

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