March 2015 Minutes

MARCH 10, 2015

PRESENT: Officers – Edward Albrecht, Jennifer Bercy, Joy Gelb, Karmen Brower
Directors – Aaron Scott, Emma Wilby, Brett Gever, Rita Gever, Richard Woolard, Steve Holzer.
Honored Guests – Lucy Martin, Mayor Pro Tem, Bert Rosario, Brenda Johnson

  1. Call to order was at 7:02 PM
  2. Self-introductions. Jennifer Bercy moved approval of the minutes, seconded by Richard Woolard, and passed unanimously.
  3. Guest Speaker Brenda Johnson of Calabasas Pharmacy was introduced. She’s been in the Gelsons store for 19 years. For 10 years she had a Medicine Shoppe name, but has been independent for the last 9 years.
    She and her husband have lived in Calabasas for 15 years, and have one daughter. She’s very active in the Chamber of Commerce. She also serves on the board of the West Hills Regional Medical Center.
    She knew she wanted to do something in the medical field, but was not interested in the “messier” kinds, so she got a business degree then went to pharmacy school.
    She’s a member of Caremark which is a pharmacy buying service (among other things) which helps to keep her independent store on a par with the larger chain stores. It allows her to access almost all of the insurance plans to provide her excellent pharmacy service, as well as provides the latest information on law changes, insurance plan changes, etc.
    USC 1st and 2nd year students rotate through for 4 weeks at a time. Volunteers also work for 2-3 weeks in the summer to gain experience.
    Some of the very best aspects of her business are that she can take the time to help people understand their medications; contribute to their understanding of their insurance; help solve problems with the interface between the doctor, insurance, and patient.
  4. Officer Reports
    1. President – Ed Albrecht is working with Aaron Scott to find ways to increase membership.
    2. Vice President – Jennifer Bercy reported the Parks, Recreation, and Education (PRE) Commission created a task force consisting of Laurel Ford, Anne Strauss to study Wild Walnut Park. There are some Quimby funds available, and some interesting play equipment available that those funds might be used for.
      The meeting time is 5:30 PM not the usual 7 PM.
      A new Senior Center subcommittee has been created now that ground is about to be broken on the center. Its tasks are to create recommendations for the general operating policies of the center.
    3. Treasurer – Joy Gelb reported on the bank account balances. We now have 18 paid members.
    4. Secretary – none.
  5. City Council Report – Lucy Martin reports that the revision of the cell tower ordinance is on the agenda for tomorrow night’s council meeting. The law has changed, and our ordinance must be amended to comply. However, several cities are litigating about the changes.
    The Planning Commission will consider a change in the sign ordinance to allow monument signs, eliminating trademarks, allowing internal signs, and, perhaps, allow freeway facing signs. All business owners need to weigh in, as well as resident.
    March 25 is the council re-organization.
  6. Realtor Report – Aaron Scott reports that there are few listings, but buyers are still being very selective.
  7. Spotlight on member will return next month.
  8. Commission Reports
    1. Public Safety – Richard Woolard reported a workshop on drugs in schools. Of particular concern is access to parents’ medications by children.   The schools, parents, and students need information on this as there’s no clear answer on how to handle these risks. A disaster preparedness fair will take place sometime in the fall as all the next several Saturdays are taken up with already scheduled events. Richard will keep us posted on when it is scheduled.
    2. Parks, Recreation, and Education – see Vice President report above.
  9. New Business – Steve Holzer reports that May 1st at 10 AM will be the annual Law Day. It will be at the library with a host of volunteer attorney’s available for free to those who need advice including many attorney specialists.
    Can the fountain at the corner be agenized for discussion?
  10. Old Business – none
  11. Public Comment – none
  12. Adjournment at 9:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Karmen Brower

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