March 2014 Minutes

MARCH 6, 2014

PRESENT:  Officers:  Steve Holzer, Joy Gelb, And Karmen Brower.  Excused – Liat Samouhi
Directors:  Brett Gever, Rita Gever, Emma Wilby, Ed Albrecht, Jennifer Bercy, Richard Woolard, Katie Whitman, Keith Zajic
Honored Guests:  Aaron Scott, Doug Rogel, Lee Renger – Director of Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, Julie Shy-Sobel.
City Council Member:  Lucy Martin

  1. Call to order at 7:04 PM.
  2. Self-introductions and approval of the agenda
  3. Officer Reports
    1. President – none
    2. Vice-President – excused
    3. Treasurer – Membership is now at 19.  The 1099 have gone out, and the taxes are being done.  The report was accepted without objection.
    4. Secretary – no report.
  4. City Council Report – Lucy Martin said there was great attendance at the Mulholland Highway plan workshop.  All comments have been noted and are being considered.
    There needs to be a sign for Freedom Park, and some arrangement for parking.March 15 is the St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the Community Center.Re:  Freedom Drive sidewalk cleaning – the city will provide the dispenser for dog walkers to use to pick up, but the city will NOT maintain the sidewalks nor re-fill the dispenser.  One or all of the HOA’s in the area will have to take care of those things.There needs to be specific proposals for Wild Walnut in order to go to the council with our requests.The council voted to move city elections to November in order to coincide with the school board elections in order to perhaps increase participation in the election process.The city is pushing stores not to sell rodenticides.
  5. Newsletter Reports
    1. Website and Newsletter layout people per Ed Albrecht are being queried for specific requirements for advertisers.
    2. Liat will take care of advertising when she returns, but there are already several who wish to advertise.  Also there will be a request for memberships included.
    3. A working group is developing guidelines to present to directors in near future.
  6. Realtor Report per Aaron Scott.  Last year’s prices went up by 20-25%.  This year has settled, but demand is still outstripping supply.  Affordability has become an issue. The schools are still the big draw, and Mulwood offers an entry into Calabasas.
  7. Commission Reports
    1. Public Safety per Richard Woolard.  Congratulations to Lucy Martin for getting the city to do robo calls inviting people to the Mulholland Highway plan meeting.Richard spoke with Robert Yalda about the ordinance on solicitors, but Yalda could do nothing to help.  The sheriff will respond if people have a “No Solicitors” sign on their property, and solicitors continue to knock on one’s door.  Steve Holzer moved that we budget $250 for the purchase of “No Solicitor” signs for residents who are new members of GMHA.  This passed without objection.
    2. Parks and Recreation per Jennifer Bercy and Ed Albrecht.
      1. The new senior center is steadily progressing.  Wednesday the council will vote to approve the contract.  Also according to Ed, the Savvy Seniors provided services to over 1500 people last year.
      2. According to Jennifer, the new spring recreation brochure will be out shortly.
        The pre-school tuition is on the agenda for the next commission meeting, as well as Freedom Park.  There will be changes in the July 4th celebration discussed.  Date is March 10th.March 15-23 will be the Tennis Championship tournaments.March 20th will be the senior kickoff luau.
  8. New Business
    1. Jennifer Bercy suggested that GMHA needs to improve communications with residents.  She thinks we’re missing an opportunity by not sending minutes out sooner, as well as providing a map of Greater Mulwood in the newsletter and on the website.  We need to educate residents as to our purpose in order to increase community participation.  A discussion ensued.
    2. Ed Albrecht said that he’s working on a membership solicitation letter with the subcommittee, and this comment plus the above discussion resulted in Steve’s motion to provide “no solicitors” signs to new members.
    1. What is wanted for Wild Walnut Park was discussed, but without any specifics we’re at a loss as to what’s planned and/or possible.
      1. There is no consensus as to what sort of additional development might be desirable.
      2. Many thought a dog park would be of interest to the community.
      3. Some thought a children’s play area would be worthy as the access to Freedom Park is essentially worthless to the community at large, and will be further restricted by the improvements planned for Mulholland Highway.
      4. Benches were considered to be non-intrusive, and desirable.
        Steve moved that we invite Jeff Rubin, Parks and Recreation Director, to come to our next meeting to explain city’s plans for Wild Walnut so we’d have some idea of the possible.  Karmen seconded, and motion passed without objection.
  9. Guest Speaker – Lee Renger, Division3 director on LVMWD board, explained that the board is considering changing to a “Budget Based” financing system.  This means that the number of persons living in the house, type of landscaping, pool/no pool, etc.  Some water districts are already using this method, and it’s described as “fairer” to those who conserve or not thus reducing complaints.  It also reduces the district’s dependence on “selling” water.  There will be a meeting to discuss this on March 13th at the water district office.  Real questions of how this plan would actually work remain because the issue is quite complex.

    No rationing is in place as yet because the Governor has yet to declare a drought emergency.

  10. The meeting about changes in Mulholland Highway was attended by over 60 people surprising the city employees.  There will be one lane each way with a longer turn pocket at Paul Revere for the left into Stelle.  Landscaping will take up some of the space between Freedom and Paul Revere.  There will be drop off zones on the south side for Stelle which will eliminate parking between Paul Revere and Parched,  as well as between Freedom and Paul Revere on the north side.  The hill near Mulholland Drive will be cut back allowing for wider lanes and having the current lane and left turn pocket to be essentially divided into two longer lanes – one turning left, one turning right.

    The crosswalk at Freedom was much discussed, and residents indicated a strong preference for a lighted crosswalk rather than the continuation of green flags we now have.

    There was a robust discussion by residents who were somewhat unhappy to be told that the plan was essentially 90% complete.

    Emma Wilby moved, and Karmen Brower seconded a motion for Steve Holzer to write a letter to Robert Yalda indicating GMHA’s board’s strong preference for a lighted crosswalk, as well as better signage for Freedom Park and parking for it, too. The motion carried without objection.


    Public Comment – none

  12. Meeting adjourned at 9:13 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Karmen Brower, Secretary

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