June 2015 Minutes

JUNE 4, 2015

PRESENT: Officers – Ed Albrecht, Joy Gelb, Karmen Brower
Directors – Brett Gever, Katie Whitman, Jacqueline Souza, Keith Zajic, Aaron Scott, Richard Woolard, Betty Bross, David Bross, Jack Hendershot.
Excused: Rita Gever, Steve Holzer, Jennifer Bercy, Emma Wilby
Honored Guests: Mayor Pro Tem James Bozajian, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District
Board Member Lee Renger, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District Representative Jeff Reinhart, Brett and Linda Bradley, Bill Waldman, Sey Carter, Doug Rogel, K. Kim, Cathie Mattson, Shari Moelter, Irene and Norman Roth, Jerry Kramer, Sandra Bross, Jacqueline Bereskin, Allan Rosman, and David Adrian.

  1. Call to order at 7:06 PM
  2. Self-Introductions and approval of the agenda moved by Richard Woolard, seconded by Jacqueline Souza, and pass unanimously.
  3. Jeff Reinhart, along with Board Member Lee Renger provided information on the new water reduction programs.
    Two thirds of the water comes from the north, but two thirds of the population live and consume it in the southern part of the state. We are in the 4th year of unprecedented drought with 2014 being the hottest, but 2013 being the driest.
    May 18 was the declaration of state of emergency for the state. We use most of our water outside, so we must find ways to reduce all water use by 35%. There will be “water patrols”, but only to let people know they may have a problem with an obvious leak (or not so obvious), a broken sprinkler head, etc. The district doesn’t intend to cite people for violations that are not repeated, intentional, and essentially what amounts to scofflaws. The idea is to inform and educate people to help them to meet the required goals.
    There will be fines beginning with $100, and then up to $500, and finally termination of service.
    There are rebates available for turf removal/replacement with water wise plantings.
    The new water rate schedule that will be implemented over time will start with:

    1. The number of people in the household at 55 gallons/day;
    2. Amount of outdoor irrigation;
    3. Adjustments for elderly care, horses, special medical needs, etc.

    These will be assessed so a “water budget” can be developed for each household. Those who stay within the “budget” will pay the lowest rates. These who exceed the budgeted amounts will pay progressively higher rates depending on how much over the amount one goes. The idea is to level out the peaks and valleys of costs and usage.
    The district staff is available for questions and help as is the district’s website.

  4. City Council Report – James Bozajian reported that the Historical Society is writing a history of the city which will be out around September, 2015. The budget is going to be voted on in August. There will be no meetings in July.
    The 4th of July celebrations will take place as usual including fireworks at Calabasas High School. He also provided a number of brochures for activities going on like concerts in the park, etc.
  5. Officer Reports
    1. President – Ed Albrecht reported he’s changed the placement of the banner making it more visible. Neighborhood Watch kindly used its e-mail list to inform the neighborhood of our meeting with the LVMWD speakers which is very helpful.
      Ed is also investigating how PayPal can be more useful to us. The candidate forums planning is going forward with the city and school district being notified of our plans.
    2. Vice President – Ed Albrecht provided in Jennifer Bercy’s absence. The Relay for Life held 2 weeks ago had 31 teams, 360 registered participants, 500 plus attendees, and raised $115,517.
    3. Treasurer – Joy Gelb reported on our accounts, and membership. Jacqueline Souza moved to accept her report which was seconded by Katie Whitman. It was accepted unanimously.
    4. Secretary – Karmen Brower reported the school board forum is on September 8th, and the city council one on October 1st.
      Also, the Special Olympics will be July 21-24, and volunteers are needed – especially those who can paint, etc.
  6. Commission Reports – none.
  7. Realtor Report – Aaron Scott reports that April may turn out to be the busiest month, and things are still strong. See his provided report.
  8. New Business – none.
  9. Old Business
    1. Book Purchase – Ed has book from the library, and we’ll get the presentation put on the front page.
    2. We’ll speak more about automatic renewals
  10. Public Comment – none
  11. Adjournment at 9:14 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Karmen Brower, Secretary

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