June 2013 Minutes

JUNE 6, 2013

Present:  Officers:  Steve Holzer, Bob Fine, Joy Gelb, Karmen Brower
Directors: Betty Bross, Brett Gever, Richard Woolard, Emma Wilby, John Wilby, Edward Albrecht, Rita Gever, Jennifer Bercy, Katie Whitman,  Keith Zajic, Liat Samouhi

Honored Guests: Councilperson Lucy Martin, Mayor Fred Gaines, Councilperson James Bozajian, Carlos Reyes, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, Jeff Reinhardt, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, and Alicia Weintraub.

Excused Absence:  Alan Ross

  1. Call to Order – 7:07 PM
  2. Self-introductions minutes approved with correction of “Carol” Davis, not Betty.
  3. Guests from Las Virgenes Municipal Water District taken out of order.
    Jeff Reinhardt provided information about the district’s treatment of Malibu Creek water, and the proposed requirements by the EPA for additional treatment of it. Up to 20% of the water is recycled now. Mr. Reinhardt contends that the LVMWD’s position is that the EPA has not listened to the public sufficiently about the alternatives to the current proposals. He says that compliance with those proposals is overly costly, and that less costly but equally effective alternatives are available. EPA proposals would be approximately $350 per month per district meter while the equally effective methods would only cost about $50 per meter.Mr. Reinhardt would like individuals to write to EPA officials and elected officials to request further consideration of alternative solutions.
  4. City Council Reports – James Bozajian said the art festival in May was very successful.  The July 4th celebration will be the usual run around the lake, pet show, swim events, and the fireworks at Calabasas High School.  The June summer concert and movies under the stars will both continue.
    Lucy Martin announced the Savvy Senior Western BBQ will be on Sunday, June 30th.  August 2 and 3rd will be the Family Camp-Out at DeAnza Park.  The Hazardous Waste pick up will continue on the first and third Saturdays.
    Fred Gaines said there will be 3 council meetings in June, and none in July.  There will be a removal of all building code additions made by the city leaving the state and county ones only.
    Keith Zajic inquired about the tank being built.  Fred Gaines said some of the landscaping will be re-done.
    Bob Fine inquired about Pelican Retreat property.  Per Gaines the owners have rejected several use proposals.  Now the property is hazardous, and will soon likely get a notice to fix or remove the improvements.
    Also, Bob Smith has purchased the Volvo dealership property for use as a Mini Cooper dealership.
  5. Officer Report:
    1. President – There are 8 bills in the legislature pending constitutional amendments which would lower the bond passage requirements to 55% from 66%.  That would allow local governments to do end runs around Proposition 13.
    2. Vice President – The July meeting will be on the 11th rather than the 2nd.
    3. Treasurer – 52 members.  Report accepted without objection.
    4. Secretary – no report
  6.  Membership Reports
    1. Postcard for newsletter announcement will be done to announce on-line newsletter, but we’re going to try to sell enough ads to continue mailing it.
    2. 1) Handout at July 4th might work to gain new members
      2) People are noticing the banner
      3) Try e-mailing your Mulwood friends about joining
    3. Anyone with another idea, please contact Liat and/or Ed.
  7. Commission Reports
    1. Public Safety – Richard Woolard reported that water is a public safety issue as much as police matters.  Authorities should be notified if there is a problem.
    2. Environmental – Liat Samouhi reported that the new student appointee to the commission is a Mulwood resident.  Sue Sober has been elected chair, and Liat is vice-chair, and both are Mulwood residents.  There will also be a large hazardous waste pick-up this month.  Contact the city’s website for details.
    3. Parks and Recreation – Jennifer Bercy said the 4th of July tickets are $10 per person.  The Bark Park is renewing its lease for $1.00.  Creekside Park is open 5-8PM weekdays, and 9-5 on weekends.
  8. Mulholland Highway improvement update per Fred Gaines.  It will not be started until next winter, and not this summer as previously thought.
  9. Public Comment – no report
  10. New Business – none
  11. Old Business – Address plates on curbs will be replaced at city expense as there is a budget set-aside for it.  Please get your addresses and conditions noted, and let Lucy and/or public works know.
  12.  Adjournment at 9:13 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Karmen Brower, Secretary

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