July 2013 Minutes

JULY 11, 2013

Present:  Officers – Steve Holzer, Bob Fine, Joy Gelb, Karmen Brower

Directors –  Liat Samouhi, Katie Whitman, Edward Albrecht, Jennifer Bercy, Rita Gever, Brett Gever, John Wilby, Emma Wilby, Richard Woolard, Betty Bross, Keith Zajic

Honored Guests – Chris Moriana, David Mott

Excused – Alan Ross

  1. Call to order at 7:05 PM
  2. Self-introductions, approval of minutes.  Approval with corrections moved by Bob Fine, seconded by Joy Gelb, approved with no objection.
  3. City Council Reports – none
  4. Officer Reports
    1. President Holzer reported the water district wanted GMHA to join it in opposing adoption of the proposed EPA regulations.  Bob Fine moved that, seconded by Richard Woolard, and the motion passed unopposed.
    2. Vice President Fine requested renewal of New Directions for Youth organization again be given a $400 contribution to continue our very effective graffiti removal program.  Ed Albrecht moved the matter, seconded by Bob Fine, and carried unopposed.
      Bob also reported that GMHA’s name packs a wallop with Southern California Edison Co. because when he identified himself as the VP calling about an overhead line, Edison immediately returned his call to say that the line was temporary, and would be returned underground in the next day or so.
    3. Treasurer Joy Gelb reported on our bank balances. Our paid membership has risen to 72, and there is at least one more homeowner payment to process.  She also said that ad revenue is coming in through PayPal.  Acceptance of her report was moved by Keith Zajic, seconded by Emma Wilby, and passed unanimously.
    4. Secretary Brower – no report.
  5. Membership Report
    1. Liat Samouhi reported that she has obtained 10-12 new memberships.  Ed Albrecht said their long range planning is for revenue to be enough to support neighborhood events and activities.
    2. Liat also reported that she has positive feedback from at least 7 advertisers, and at least 3 have already paid for their ads.
  6. Commission Reports
    1.  Environmental – Liat Samouhi reported that there was no meeting, but that the city council had 2 special meetings to interview all candidates for commission appointments including current ones.
      Earth Day coverage on the city channel has come out, and is also on line.
    2. Public Safety – Richard Woolard reminded us that an unlocked lock is no lock.
      Don’t put your name on your mailbox, and don’t put notes in your mailbox or on your door as anyone can take them to use for their own ends.
    3. Parks and Recreation – Jennifer Bercy reported that the July 4th celebrations went well, and there were no significant problems at the fireworks show (good show by the way) at Calabasas High.  Don’t forget to look at the new brochure for events this summer or view them on line at www.cityofcalabasas.com.
  7. Public Comment
    1. Ed Albrecht stated that telemarketers were calling his house frequently.  His numbers are on the “do not call” list, but that seems to be no deterrent.  He wonders what can be done.  All agreed they’d been bothered as well.
    2. Betty Bross stated that an e-coli outbreak had been found in San Francisco that was traced to re-used grocery bags.  She suggested that prohibition of plastic bags, and having to pay for paper ones were bad ideas that lead to exactly what’s happening in San Francisco, namely serious illness due to cross contamination.
    3. Keith Zajic suggested that we not meet in August, but a majority determined that there was enough business to make a meeting desirable.
  8. New Business
    1. David Mott has contacted Steve Holzer about supporting his effort to close off his property at the end of Adamsville to traffic.  Mr. Mott explained that an easement for fire department use had been granted, but that the department no longer needed or wanted it.  He wanted GMHA to request the city cooperate in fencing off the end at Adamsville.’
      Karmen Brower moved, and Betty Bross seconded a motion that GMHA’s Holzer contact City Manager Coroalles to find out what can be done.  Motion passed unanimously. Other members suggested Mr. Mott contact a real estate attorney.
    2. The complaining owner around 22600 DeKalb Drive was informed by Liat Samouhi that Councilmember Lucy Martin had sent code enforcement to the location, but was unable to sustain a violation of city regulations.  Therefore, unless the lady is willing to come forward to support further action on GMHA’s part, GMHA can do no more for her.  The lady did not attend this meeting.
    3. 22330 block of DeKalb Drive has a large trash bin in the front of the south side yard in plain sight of the street according to Karmen Brower.  Councilmember Lucy Martin is looking into the matter as it may be a violation of city codes.  She’ll report next month.
  9. Old Business
    1. Website – Karmen Brower reported that our webmaster is out of the hospital, and back at work.  He’s gradually catching up with our requests, and has posted our minutes, and made other requested changes to the membership form.
    2. Realtor Relationship – Steve Holzer suggested we find another Realtor to provide sale information for Mulwood as the previous Realtors are no longer coming to our meetings.
  10. Adjournment at 9:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Karmen Brower, Secretary

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