January 2013 Minutes



JANUARY 3, 2013

Present: Offices – Steve Holzer, Bob Fine, Joy Gelb, Karmen Brower
Directors – Brett Gever, Rita Gever, Jacqueline Souza, Emma Wilby, John Wilby, Liat Samouhi, Ed Albrecht, Richard Woolard, Katie Whitman, Keith Zajic
Honored Guests – Councilmember Mary Sue Maurer, David Becker

Thanks to David Becker for our tasty cookies.

  1. Call to order at 7:10 PM.
  2. Self-introductions and approval of minutes with no corrections, and no additions to agenda.
  3. City Council Reports – Councilmember Maurer reported the Senior Task Force toured senior centers, and learned much that is applicable to our city. She reported that she’s in favor of maximum control of assault weapons (which have been banned in the U.S. since 1933), as well as limiting magazine sizes. She also reported that PowerPoint presentations will be allowed during public comment provided the staff has an opportunity to review the presentation for media difficulties at least 48 hours before it’s presented.
  4. Officer Reports:
    1. President – Do we want to provide any ideas about additional school security, and take a position on something if we can reach consensus? There is agreement that we should be involved, but not get in the district’s way. At present, the city pays for a deputy sheriff to be the police presence at all the schools. Liat commented that Chaparral is an open campus although visitors are requested to check in with the office. No one has any real answers at the moment. A Parcel Tax to pay for clean water and flood control is being proposed for LA County. It would be about $65 per parcel except business parcels would be required to pay in the many thousands of dollars. The issue is pending.
    2. Vice-President – The first Thursday in July is the 4th, so the meeting that month will be on July 11th. There’s been no graffiti for a long time, but should there be any, let Bob Fine know right away so it can be taken care of immediately.
    3. Treasurer – We have 82 members. Our financial report was deemed approved.
    4. Secretary – no report.
  5. Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation Report:
    1. Las Virgenes/Santa Monica Mountain areas are to be included in a National Recreation area survey with particular interest paid to wildlife corridors. There are significant ecological areas in LA County.
    2. Councilmember Maurer complained that the Federation newsletter has portrayed her as lacking in ethics in her conduct as a councilmember. There was discussion of these remarks especially in connection with GMHA’s continuing issue with the Federation about lack of attribution of newsletter articles. Keith Zajic moved and Jacqueline Souza seconded a motion to request the Federation identify the full name of the article author, and a disclaimer that said article does not represent the position of the Federation. The vote was 9 in favor with 2 abstaining. Our delegate is instructed to so inform the LVHF.
  6. Realtor Report: David Becker reported that prices have increased, and are approximately $80,000 higher than in 2011. Mortgage rates are still low.
  7. Public Safety Report: Katie Whitman did a remarkable job of bringing the community together for the meeting with Deputy DeSantis. Much excellent information was provided.
  8. Old Business:
    1. Candidate Forum – It’s to be January 31, and a postcard is to be sent to residents. It’s also to be put on our website. Lucy Martin has said the room at Chaparral is confirmed.
    2. Liat will come back with ideas for neighborhood get-togethers for membership.
    3. The walking school bus is belayed for a few months.
    4. Insurance is being shopped by Steve, and Jacqueline has suggested a broker as well. Expiration is early February, so we must obtain sooner rather than later.
  9. New Business:
    1. Membership has been discussed above.
    2. Financial suggestions are on hold.
  10. Public Comment – There is a new sign indicating city limits on Mulholland Highway, and some would like to see Charter Communications cable service provide Pac 12 as a service to our community.
  11. Adjournment was at 9:20 PM


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