December 2016 Minutes

DECEMBER 12, 2016

PRESENT:  Officers – Ed Albrecht, Richard Cassel, Karmen Brower.  Lucy Martin, excused absence.
Directors – Stephen Holzer, Brett Gever, Rita Gever.  Aaron Scott, Emma Wilby, Keith    Zajic, etc. are all excused absence.
Honored Guests – Fred Gaines, Mayor Pro Tem

  1. Call to order was at 7:09 PM. No quorum was present.
  2. Self-introductions took place.
  3. Officer Reports
    1. President – Ed reports the median on Mulholland has been suggested to be taken to Mulholland Highway, but the City of Los Angeles would have to do it as it’s in its jurisdiction.
      The postcard is going out.  Brenda Johnson of the pharmacy at Gelsons has paid to have her company name on card.
      We’re working on obtaining speakers.
      We have a new banner as the old one is essentially cracking to pieces.
      There is a suggestion that we work on a change in the by-laws to provide for a 2-year officer term rather than retaining a 1-year term.
    2. Vice-President – no report
    3. Treasurer – Ed Albrecht provided the report in Joy’s absence indicating the balances in our bank accounts. The report could not be accepted as a quorum present.
    4. Secretary – no report
  4. City Council Report – Per Fred Gaines
    1. Coty is leasing 95,000 square feet of space in the old Countrywide/Bank of America building. Part of it will be office, teaching facilities for professional product users, and about 12,000 square feet in research.  No animals and/or significant chemicals will be present on the property.  A conditional use permit was granted because research uses require one in this zone.
    2. The public parking lot will have to have rules, but will provide parking for Old Town.
    3. Some significant projects will be coming forward in 2017
    4. The senior center is working well.
    5. New street signs are coming to be placed on the medians. How to handle Valmar/Old Topanga intersection will be under discuss since it doesn’t readily accept the usual traffic/median configurations.
    6. The PFA at Calabasas High wants a signal at the Old Topanga entrance, but it doesn’t quality under the traffic code. The traffic and transportation department is working on some other fix.  There is, however, enough room at the front of the school on Mulholland Highway to put both right and left turns lanes in place.
  5. Realtor Report – none.
  6. Old Business – none
  7. New Business – none
  8. Public Comment – none
  9. Adjournment at 8:07 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Karmen Brower, Secretary

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