December 2015 Minutes

DECEMBER 3, 2015

PRESENT: Officers: Ed Albrecht, Jennifer Bercy, Joy Gelb, And Karmen Brower.
Directors: Richard Woolard, Brett Gever, Rita Gever, Aaron Scott. Excused: Emma Wilby.
Honored Guests: Mayor James Bozajian, Dave Bross, Richard Cassel, Alex Rozovsky, Merideth Hasson, and Laura Shaw.

  1. Call to order at 7:05 PM. A quorum was not present so no official business could be conducted.
  2. Self-introductions were completed.
  3. City Council Reports – Mayor James Bozajian announced that the contract with Waste Management had been approved with an open market contract for all roll off bins.
    The Agoura Hills/Calabasas Center has a mattress drive which results in the donation of a new bed, sheets, pillow, and teddy bear to a needy child with the purchase of a new Simmons/Serta Mattress set at a 30% discount. It’s on Saturday December 5th. Pickle ball has also been included in the fun line=up at the center.
    The annual Christmas tree and menorah lightings will take place starting on December 8th. There’s a speaker series starting with tickets available on line.
    The history of Calabasas is out in book form with many pictures, and can be purchased on Amazon.
    January 20 is the date for the city council workshop.
  4. Officer Reports
    1. President Albrecht reports that the golf tournament is likely not going to happen due to lack of players. There were, however, many sponsors so we need to see how to do this better at a future time.
      Perhaps a family picnic at Creekside would be more successful.
      The political candidate forums were the most successful with the largest attendance of any held.
    2. Vice President Bercy reports that there will be a presentation of play equipment choices for Wild Walnut Park at the council meeting on the 9th.
    3. Treasurer Gelb reported bank balances, but no acceptance could be made since no quorum was present.
    4. No report from Secretary Brower.
  5. New Business
    1. Raising dues to $25/year was tabled.
    2. Neighborhood party was discussed with no action taken.
    3. There was a discussion of welcome committees as a means of gaining members.
    4. There is the possibility of having a security company provide an offer of an area wide discounted offer if enough people want to invest in a security system.
  6. Election of Officers was tabled until January due to lack of a quorum.
  7. Realtor Report – Aaron Scott reports the market is slow with only one closing in the last 30 days, and only 3-4 in escrow.
  8. Old Business – none.
  9. Public Comment – It would seem that certain areas of Greater Mulwood have been designated as a class D “flood zone” by the federal government. Apparently this is an arbitrary drawing of a line which seems to have no basis in reality. Richard Cassel has discovered this to his cost, and is trying to find out more.
  10. Adjournment was at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Karmen Brower, Secretary

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