December 2013 Minutes

December 5, 2013

PRESENT:  Officers – Joy Gelb, Karmen Brower.  Excused absence:  Steve Holzer, Bob Fine.
Directors:  Keith Zajic, Richard Woolard, Brett Gever, Katie Whitman, Emma Wilby, Edward Albrecht, Rita Gever, Liat Samouhi, Jennifer Bercy, Jacqueline Souza.
Excused:   Betty Bross
Honored Guests:  Jeff Ellis, Jan Kirby, Aaron Scott
Council Member: Lucy Martin

  1. Call to order was at 7:07 PM by Treasurer Joy Gelb.
  2. Self-introductions, and approval of minutes without objection on motion by Ms. Bercy, seconded by Ms. Souza, and passed without objection.
  3. Officer Reports:
    1. President – none absent
    2. Vice-President – none absent
    3. Treasurer – We have 89 members paid.  Report accepted on motion by Ms. Souza, seconded by Mr. Albrecht, and passed without objection.
    4. Secretary – none
  4. Guest Speakers:  Mr. Ellis and Mr. Kirby from Executive ER spoke about their facility and the medical services offered to the community. It has established relationships with local doctors and specialists so appropriate referrals can be made, as well as with area hospitals.  The costs are less in general than hospital emergency room visits.  It accepts insurance.
  5. City Council Reports:  Ms. Martin reported there’s only one meeting this month.  There is nothing new about the Lost Hills bridge project.  The staff is still working on the Mulholland Highway improvement project, but expects to have something to discuss by March or April.  The annexation of Craftsman Corners is being submitted to LAFCO for consideration which will not report for at least 18 months.
  6. Newsletter:   Karmen reported articles have been assigned to:  Jennifer Bercy – Parks and Rec; Jacqueline Souza – Life in Calabasas; Lucy Martin- Council Corner; Ed Albrecht – Senior Center; Richard Woolard – Safety; Steve Holzer – President’s Message; Joy Gelb – Membership; Aaron Scott  – Real Estate Report;  and Karmen Brower – area religious institutions and any fillers needed.
    The deadline is mid-January at the latest with publishing end of January.
  7. Realtor Report – Aaron Scott has volunteered to provide a monthly report on pricing and general real estate conditions.  Presently there are few listings occasioning an inventory crunch which is hoped will be remedied after the holidays.
  8. Karmen suggested a committee be formed to provide requirements and policy for advertising in the newsletter.  This would include picture resolutions, costs from layout designer for those who need layout help, ad costs, where ads will be placed, how costs will be listed on website to allow for PayPal payments, ad sizes, and any other requirements committee deems appropriate.  Katie Whitman, Ed Albrecht, Vice-President Elect Liat Samouhi all volunteered, and Ed was appointed chair by Joy.  Committee is to report back at the January meeting.
  9. Commission Reports
    1. Public Safety – Richard Woolard has no further report as the commission has not met recently.
      Katie Whitman reported that she read that Calabasas is designated as one of the safest cities in California with a ranking of 13th.
    2. Parks and Recreation – Jennifer Bercy reported there will be a “Breakfast with Santa” at the Tennis and Swim Club.  The brochure will be out in December.  Winter basketball tryouts for leagues (14 teams) will be starting.  The State of the City address will be at the new Calabasas High Performing Arts Center on January 15th.
      Ed Albrecht reported the Senior Center architect will be chosen in December also.
  10. New Business – Lucy Martin reported a new program called “Straight Up” from the Sheriff.  It shows what happens when teens attend teen parties with insufficient adult supervision.  It’s scheduled for January 25th in Calabasas.
  11. Old Business – Jennifer Bercy reminded secretary that she’d previously requested “communication” improvements between members community be placed on the agenda, but was not.  Jacqueline Souza suggested minutes be provided a week or two before the meetings, and reminders sent out.
  12. Public Comment – Bob Fine should be consulted about changing the January meeting from January 2nd.
  13. Adjournment was at 9:02 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Karmen Brower, Secretary

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