August 2014 Minutes

AUGUST 7, 2014

PRESENT: Officers: Steve Holzer, Joy Gelb, And Karmen Brower. Excused – Liat Samouhi
DIRECTORS: Brett Gever, Rita Giver, Emma Wilby, Jacqueline Souza, Jennifer Bercy, Keith Zajic, Katie Whitman, Richard Woolard, Aaron Scott. Excused – Ed Albrecht.
HONORED GUESTS: Lucy Martin, Mayor Pro-Tem, Debbie Decker, West Valley Food Pantry.

  1. Meeting began at 7:07 PM.
  2. Self-introductions, then approval of minutes as amended was moved by Emma Wilby and seconded by Katie, and passed with no objection.
  3. Officer Reports
    1. President – Liat Samouhi has resigned as vice-president due to family illness. We will miss her excellent service as an officer. Ed Albrecht has volunteered to act as vice president and will continue to do the banner placement. Katie Whitman will take over the VP duties of organizing the refreshments since Ed can’t do both the banner and refreshments. The general meeting and officer elections will be in October.
    2. Treasurer – Joy reported 39 paid members with 4 pending, and our bank account balances. The report was accepted as presented without opposition.
    3. Vice-President – no report
    4. Secretary – no report
  4. City Council Reports
    1. Per Lucy Martin.
      1. The council was dark in July. There was a budget workshop in June with the budget being voted on in late August. The personal property business tax collected through L.A. County will be repealed in the city. The park and ride lot purchase on Calabasas Road has been completed, and it will up and running in the spring of 2015, and will be free.
      2. The last 2 Sunday concerts will be at the lake. Dance instructors will be available for salsa dancing.
      3. The architect review board has openings so feel free to apply. See city website for details and application.
      4. Flu shots will be September 20th at Founders Hall.
  1. Speaker Debbie Decker from the West Valley Food Pantry spoke about the history and needs of the pantry. There are 10 church sponsors and one synagogue in addition to the Woodland Hills and Canoga Park Women’s Clubs, the Rotary, National Charity League, etc. Ralphs, Albertsons, and Trader Joes all provide day old bread, pre-made salads and sandwiches, fruits and vegetables over 3 or 4 days old, etc. The clientele consists of the working poor, homeless, seniors on seriously limited budgets, single mothers, etc. There are over 3200 registered recipients. Volunteers as well as contributions are needed.
  2. Newsletter – no report.
  3. Realtor Report – Per Aaron Scott
    1. We’re starting to see price reductions meaning price increases are slowing.
    2. Buyers for expensive properties are qualifying. Smaller houses and buyers for them are having a harder time as the houses and buyers are not qualifying for the prices.
    3. Inventory is down, fewer houses are coming to market, and demand is lessening.
  4. Commission Reports
    1. Parks and Recreation per Jennifer Bercy.
      1. The department is swamped with programs and participation.
      2. The overnight camp was well attended (over 130 people), and was great fun especially for the kids.The new brochure will be out the week of August 17th.
      3. The 4th of July celebration was a great success, and wonderful fun for all.
    2. Public Safety per Richard Woolard.
      1. We need to have more community feeling.
      2. We need to increase membership.
  1. Old Business
    1. Membership increase suggestions
      1. What’s good and bad about Mulwood?
      2. Wine tasting at Gelsons.
      3. Yogurt shop participation in membership drive
      4. Pet adoption at the vet’s in Gelsons center.
    2. Dog matters on Freedom – per Katie Whitman. Gelsons is having its gardener clean up the dog poop on a regular basis. The area is much cleaner as a result.
    3. Speakers for our meetings – Cindy Iser, LVUSD Board member for September.
    4. Spotlight on our members – Jacqueline Souza, Souza and Associates, Inc.
      1. Jacqueline and her husband started their business in 2005. It’s a bookkeeping, business management, notary company that helps people pay their bills, file taxes, analyze and make investments, payroll, and even hiring and firing of business employees.
        Jacqueline says that their real business is simply taking care of people as they would want to be taken care of themselves.
        Her sister is also a member of the firm plus 7 other employees.
        As someone who grew up in Calabasas, and now lives 9 doors from her mother, she’s seen a lot of changes. She enjoys The Commons with her husband and 2 children. She much loves Greater Mulwood because she feels that it’s a welcoming community which is why she and her husband wanted to rear their children here, as well as have their business here.
        Jacqueline is also an officer of the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce.
  2. New Business
    1. The Sheriff Deputy’s accident report is due soon.
    2. Calabasas senior class would like to have fireworks at homecoming, so we may be asked to weigh in on that.
  3. Public Comment – none
  4. Adjournment at 9:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Karmen Brower, Secretary

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