April 2014 Minutes

APRIL 3, 2014

PRESENT:  Officers – Steve Holzer, Liat Samouhi, Joy Gelb, Karmen Brower.
Directors – Rita Gever, Brett Gever, Ed Albrecht, Jennifer Bercy, Richard Woolard, Keith Zajic.  Excused – Emma Wilby, John Wilby, Katie Whitman
Honored Guests – Eitan Butbul, Mark Miller, Robbie Diggs
Council Members – James Bozajian, Mayor Pro Tem Lucy Martin

  1. Call to order at 7:09 PM
  2. Self-introductions and approval of agenda and minutes with correction was moved by Joy Gelb, seconded by Jennifer Bercy, and carried without opposition.
  3. Officer Reports
    1. President – Jeff Rubin, city’s parks and recreation department head, was invited to our meeting to discuss Wild Walnut Park, but refused our invitation.  Council member Lucy Martin will endeavor to move the matter forward with the support of GMHA.  The city has decided to provide a lighted crosswalk at Freedom and Mulholland Highway in response to resident comments at the Mulholland Highway plan meeting.
    2. Vice-President wants to provide a welcome to all new members and visitors via e-mail.
    3. Treasurer reported that we now have 19 paid members.  The financial report was accepted without opposition.
    4. Secretary – no report.
  4. City Council Reports
    1. Council member James Bozajian provided brochures and flyers of upcoming city sponsored events including the nighttime Easter egg hunt, dinner with food trucks, Canine Classic, etc.  He also reported that the city was given an A+ in historical preservation by the county agency.  Citibank has opened a branch in the new building in the Commons, and Sperling Nursery is leaving due to the death of Mr. Sperling.  The property is being sold.  Craftsman Corner, and 2 properties on Agoura Road just east of Liberty Canyon have been submitted to LAFCO for annexation.  Regional MTA funds are being used to purchase the property next of Leonis Adobe for a park and ride lot, but it’s expected to provide additional parking for Old Town.
    2. Mayor Pro Tem Lucy Martin reported that the trolley will no longer run on Sundays due to insufficient ridership.  She also reported that the LVMWD is investigating a new billing system based on number of members in a household, and a series of various other considerations.  No decisions have been made.
  5. Guest – Webmaster Robbie Diggs explained his new method of billing for our website maintenance.  He explained about keeping the statistics of how many new visitors to each page.  He proposed to do the technical work for the site, but we need a salesperson/administrator in charge who would take care of ads if we elect to have them.  We agreed to charge $50 for web only ads, but newsletter advertisers would not be charged for time on the website that would be included in posting our newsletter to the site.  Steve Holzer made the motion to keep Diggs Design on an hourly rate, and $50 for web only advertising.  It was seconded by Keith Zajic, and carried without opposition.
  6. Newsletter Progress Report
    1. Karmen Brower reported most of the content is in, edited, and/or in process.
    2. Liat Samouhi reported the ad space is reserved, and copy will be coming in as soon as we know when we’re going to press.
  7. Realtor Report – none
  8. Commission Reports
    1. Parks and Recreation – Jennifer Bercy said that there will be a Marine Biology Camp at the Tennis and Swim Center.  There will be Teens Artist Alley with submissions due by May 15th.
      Rita Gever reported on her appearance at the Parks and Recreation meeting discussing the condition of Freedom Park.  She said that there is insufficient attention being paid to access by handicapped people and those with other mobility issues, and asked the commission to investigate and fix the problems.
    2. Public Safety – Richard Woolard reported Calabasas High again hosted the “Every 15 Minutes” presentation which was very impactful on students.  It featured distracted driving, and the consequences thereof.
  9. New Business – none
  10. Old Business
    1. Mulholland Highway was discussed with Council member Bozajian.  Keith Zajic is concerned that there is sufficient width to provide for emergency vehicles and bicycle lanes without overlap.  Mr. Bozajian assured him there is sufficient width to provide for both safely.
    2. Membership – Robo calls to residents have been suggested by Councilmember Gaines as a part of a discussion elsewhere between President Holzer.  Mr. Gaines supplied Mr. Holzer with the names of a couple of companies who do robo calling.  Further discussion on the matter will take place at our next meeting.
    3. Wild Walnut Park – Mayor Pro Tem Martin said that the current plan is for it to remain passive.  Putting children’s play areas next to a dog park is probably not a good idea especially with dogs off leash.  Ms. Martin will inquire as to what might be able to be done.  GMHA will have to have strong evidence that the residents want the park to be changed hence the importance of our survey.
    4. Dog Clean-up on Freedom – Katie Whitman reported that Gelson’s is apparently having its maintenance crew clean up at the moment.  Further action is contemplated in the form of city provided bag stands.  The question of who will be responsible for removal of the filled bags remains.
  11. Mayor Pro Tem Martin suggested that we make an effort to point out that we quite regularly have at least 2 council members at our meetings, and almost always have at least 2 city commissioners as well.
  12. Adjournment at 9:16 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Karmen Brower, Secretary

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