December 2014 Minutes

DECEMBER 4, 2014

PRESENT: Officers – Ed Albrecht, Joy Gelb, Karmen Brower
Directors: Richard Woolard, Aaron Scott, Jennifer Bercy, Katie Whitman, Emma Wilby, Keith Zajic, and Jacqueline Souza
Excused: Rita Gever, Brett Gever
Honored Guests: Mayor David Shapiro, Mayor Pro Tem Lucy Martin, Caroline Lettieri, Daniel Singh, Elza Balian, Kim Egerstrom, John Corcoran, Dotty Corcoran, and Alicia Weintraub.

  1. Call to order at 7:02 PM.
  2. Self-introductions and approval of November minutes with corrections was moved by Jennifer Bercy, seconded by Emma Wilby, and passed without objection.
  3. Guest Speaker Mayor David Shapiro was introduced. He moved to Calabasas in 1994; has 3 children who attended LVUSD schools; served on the Agoura/Calabasas Community Center board, as well as the Parks and Recreation and Library Commissions.
    Mayor Shapiro reported that:

    1. The city is awaiting approval of the City of LA in order to start the widening work on Mulholland Highway.
    2. The $26 million Lost Hills bridge project will be started in early 2015.
    3. The park and ride land purchase on Calabasas Road is complete. It will provide 70 or so parking spaces plus bike parking, and be available to all for free as it was purchased with a $2.3 million grant.
    4. City elections have been changed to November to coincide with the LVUSD one in the hope voter turn-out will increase.
    5. The Craftsman Corners annexation is going forward as is the Liberty Canyon/Agoura Road one.
    6. The Senior Center in the rear of city hall will have a ground breaking on March 8, 2015.
    7. Special Olympics World Games in July of 2015 will provide the city an opportunity to host 200 athletes as one of 100 host towns around the state. Please check the city’s website for additional information and to volunteer.
    8. Over all, things are going well as the mayor will report in the State of the City address on February 4th at 7 PM at CPHS’s Performing Arts Center.
  4. Officer Reports
    1. President – absent, but he’s suggesting newly elected LVMWD member Lewitt be asked to come for the January meeting.
    2. Vice-President – Thanks for Steve Holzer for all his work as President for so long.
    3. Treasurer – Joy Gelb reported on our bank accounts. Membership closed at 45 homeowners, but there are several who have already paid for 2015. Approval of report was moved by Jennifer Bercy, seconded by Jacqueline Souza, and was accepted unopposed.
    4. Secretary – no report.
  5. City Council Reports – See Item 3, Mayor’s report.
  6. Realtor Report – Aaron Scott reports while demand is strong. Buyers are more selective, and unwilling to pay top dollar for properties in lesser condition. The November and December market slowdown is in progress, and is evidenced by fewer sales and reduced prices. Interest rates don’t seem to be a big factor.
  7. Commission Reports
    1. Public Safety’s Richard Woolard reports that unlocked cars on driveways provide an easy target for crooks.
      1. If you see something/one call the Sheriff, and don’t depend on your neighbor to call. The Sheriff prefers to be called AT THE TIME rather than being told well after the fact when he can do nothing.
      2. Heroin is invading the neighborhood, as well as other drugs. Children are using, as are parents. We need to get more information on addiction to everyone in hopes of stopping as many as we can.
      3. Earthquake and Emergency preparedness meeting is being planned for spring.
      4. Proposition 47 has resulted in more people being released from jail, as well as avoiding prosecution at all. This is resulting in people turning their houses into half-way houses which can’t be prevented except under very limited circumstances.
    2. Parks, Recreation, and Education’s Jennifer Bercy reports the Winter Parks and Recreation brochure is in the mail.
      1. The Calabasas Classic run was well attended, and lots of fun.
      2. Relay for Life is in January.
      3. Teen Court meets, and actually is available to kids from all the surrounding schools, not just those in the LVUSD. Once kids fulfill their requirements, they’re released.
    3. Planning Commissioner Alicia Weintraub reported that the city’s sign ordinance for freeway facing signs is being revised, as well as sandwich signs especially at the Summit off Lost Hills. There was no report about what the city plans to do about shopping centers that have signed sign plan agreements as a part of the building plan approval process.
  8. New Business
    There was a brief discussion of a number of burglaries on and around Edingham. Referral to the Neighborhood Watch coordinator was made, and Council member Martin promised to follow up. A brief discussion ensued about what can be done, and how citizens can go about helping.
  9. Old Business – none.
  10. Public Comment –Karmen Brower commented on how Ms. Whitman has been ill-treated by the city, as well as her homeowner association board. Ms. Whitman was literally burned out of her home over a year ago.
  11. Adjournment at 8:57 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Karmen Brower, Secretary

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