Greater Mulwood Homeowners Association

Welcome to the Greater Mulwood Homeowners Association (GMHA), a volunteer association representing 1,500 homes in eastern Calabasas. Your GMHA Board of Directors meets the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Gelson’s Community Room.

We closely monitor local government issues that impact the quality of life and safety of Mulwood residents. We invite influential guest speakers from the City of Calabasas, the Las Virgenes Unified School District (LVUSD), and the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) to inform our community of topics involving Mulwood and the surrounding areas.

Please stop by at one of our monthly meetings and meet your neighbors. You can also submit any questions or concerns you might have about local issues on the Contact page of this website. Membership is just $20 per year. Mail checks made out to the Greater Mulwood Homeowners Association to:
PO Box 8921
Calabasas, CA 91371

Or fill out the form online and print. Click Here

Greater Mulwood Park Survey

1. Are you satisfied that Mulwood presently has sufficient public park space?
 Yes No

2. Have you ever visited:

  • Creekside Park?  Y N Not sure where it is
  • Wild Walnut Park?  Y N Not sure where it is
  • Freedom Park?  Y N Not sure where it is

3. Do you think Mulwood needs a dog park?
 Yes No

4. If yes, do you favor utilizing one of the existing parks mentioned above as a dog park or do you favor finding other land for the dog park?

  • Use existing park  Yes
  • If so, which one?  Creekside Freedom Wild Walnut
  • Find other land for park.  Yes

5. Regarding Wild Walnut Park, do you favor making that park a more active park with additional facilities?
 Yes No

6. If you answered yes to 5. above, what facilities would you like to see at Wild Walnut Park? (Check all that apply)
 Dog-friendly facilities Skateboard-friendly facilities Picnic tables Park Benches Water fountains Restroom facilities Children's playground equipment Fenced toddler play area Perimeter trail for walkers/joggers Bicycle trail Courts for volleyball/basketball/handball Availability to sports leagues Community meeting room

7. Do you think the City of Calabasas does an adequate job of publicizing the parks in Mulwood?
 Yes No No opinion

8. Should the City put up more signage identifying the various parks in Mulwood?
 Yes No No opinion

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